Wealth Mentoring

What is Wealth Mentoring?

93.6% of managing wealth is behavioral management, and only 6.4% is due to actual investments themselves, that’s where Wealth Mentoring comes in. Unmanaged emotions destroy the wealth of individuals, couples, and families.

A Wealth Mentor is a skilled behavioral coach trained in the process of facilitating and behaviorally coaching clients to help them achieve greater self-empowerment. The ultimate goal is to help clients unlock their human potential, manage their emotions, and live with meaning.

Wealth Mentors liberate and guide people with a unique blend of financial personality insights and extensive financial knowledge so they do not make emotional decisions under pressure which sabotage their relationships, long-term horizon goals, and performance.

There are two ways that Financial DNA assists advisors with Wealth Mentoring clients:

  1. Financial DNA hosts classroom training for financial advisors to help them become Certified Wealth Mentors.
  2. Through the DNA Coach Network, advisors can access Certified Wealth Mentors to facilitate powerful client facilitation. This can be managed either virtually or in-person and delivered to individual clients, couples, or families.

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Transform the Financial Advisor Role to Wealth Mentor

Financial DNA  helps advisors achieve deeper and custom services to manage their client’s emotions. This is done through a range of powerful, and practice technology applications.

Learn how to deliver these experiences or connect with a skilled Wealth Mentor to deliver these experiences for your clients:

  • Wealth Mentor clients using practical financial personality insights and powerful questions.
  • Place the client’s life at the center of a goals-based financial planning process.
  • Identify and mitigate behavioral biases impacting both advisor and client decisions.
  • Add 150 bps points of client value by behaviorally managing client emotions.
  • Charge retainer-based fees and grow revenue by over 23% per year from increased referrals, retention, and share of wallet.

“Wealth Mentoring” is a relational process that involves guiding others with wisdom to self-discover who they are and their priorities for living a meaningful Quality Life through a mutual sharing of their life journey.

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