Testimonials from financial advisors using Financial DNA:

I purchase the DNA Client Engagement Solution, in order that we could better align our staff with our client’s communications styles, to form a true partnership and have better engaged client meetings. The results have been amazing for both our client’s through an increase in engagement during those meetings and the increased satisfaction our staff enjoys working with only clients that they are aligned with. Revenues have also increased as a result. DNA continues to improve and adds innovative new features.

Neal Owen, President, BlueRock Wealth Management Inc.

Testimonial from Neal Owen

I have always known that human behavior is an important driver in successful decision-making, but now I have a powerful, yet user-friendly process that can be easily incorporated in my advisory process to truly improve the outcomes and levels of client engagement.

Rick Helbing, Suncoast Advisory, Sarasota, Florida
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Financial DNA Testimonial from Finanical Advisor Rick Helbing

We have been using Communication DNA since July 2015. The benefits from using CDNA have been twofold: we have had tremendous breakthroughs with our in-office team allowing us to operate more efficiently in our daily work, as well as understanding how to better communicate with our clients and bring new business to our practice. DNA Behavior’s tools helped us close a $350k engagement by using the Communication DNA suggested guidance with a prospect.

David Hughes, Peachtree Financial Group

Testimonial from David Hughes

That friendliness, that flexibility is something that adds a lot of value to our relationship. The training on Communication DNA was easy to understand and implement at Blue Rock Wealth. We now match the client with the employee that has a more similar style for a much better client experience.

Karen Emslie, Chief Operating Officer – Blue Rock Wealth – A Manulife Advisory Firm

Testimonial from Karen Emslie

The Financial DNA Discovery Process provides a very solid framework to quickly understand what is really important to the client. Often clients have questions about the direction of their life which need to be addressed before a financial plan can be created and before key investment decisions are made. Financial DNA has helped both me and the client quickly see what decisions have to be made.

Simon Brown, BPH Wealth Management, Herts, England

Financial DNA Testimonial from Finanical Advisor Simon Brown

Financial DNA provides a great lesson. Knowing how you are hard-wired to behave and communicate in planning your personal finances is more important than the technical and product aspects of money management.

Susan Bradley, Founder of the Sudden Money Institute and Women, Meaning and Money, West Palm Beach, Florida

Financial DNA Testimonial from Finanical Advisor Susan Bradley

The Financial DNA Discovery Process is now an integral part in our approach to planning from the client’s life perspective and helping our client’s achieve their life purposes. The process has enabled us, and our clients as well, to more quickly get to know their unique personality, aptitudes and talents. The process has also helped to further deepen the quality of the long-term relationships we strive for with our clients.

Jerry Black, Legacy Planning Group Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

Financial DNA Testimonial from Finanical Advisor Jerry Black

Market Mood is a whole new way of thinking about and looking at my DNA Client Data and how clients will react to the stock market. The communication approaches and tips provide a structured approach to engaging with my clients. I continue to find better ways to engage with my clients using Market Mood.

Shay Woodward, Performance Wealth

Financial DNA Testimonial from Finanical Advisor Shay Woodward

Financial DNA made us realise that every client deserves personal communication style and a unique financial plan based on his true passions. We took it yet one level higher and build our quarterly reports based on their unique DNA profiles so we can keep the relationships with our clients as long as possible into the future.

For IVV using Financial DNA is the finishing touch to our financial planning & investment management services. It completes the “client best interest” process.

Personally, I’m experiencing some intensely wonderful things with the Financial DNA method. I could not imagine there was an extra level of trust and confidence with clients beyond the trust of managing their investments, but apparently there is. And also I’m discovering more and more about myself while discussing things with clients.

William van der Maas, IVV, Netherlands (Financial Planner of the Year 2012)

Financial DNA Testimonial from Finanical Advisor William van der Maas

I must say that after completing the Quality Life Discovery exercise, I strongly feel and know that the process you use really gives a deeper sense of understanding the clients inner Compass towards their life. I am excited to progress further.

Krishnan Gunasageran, Wealth Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Testimonial from Guna Krishnan

Additional testimonials

Financial DNA is the standard for profiling investor behavior.

Richard KhalerKhaler Financial Group, South Dakota

The Financial DNA Discovery Process provides a very solid framework to quickly understand what is really important to the client.

Simon BrownBPH Wealth Management, Herts, England

At Sentinel Wealth, we use Financial DNA with every client right at the beginning of our engagement process.

Justin HooperManaging Director, Sentinel Wealth Management, Sydney, Australia