Practice Management

What is Financial DNA’s Role in Practice Management?

Financial DNA was started to solve a practice management problem in terms of how to provide a customized experience to every client on a scalable basis and yet reduce the time required in service delivery.

When Hugh Massie started DNA Behavior in 2001, he was a financial advisor at the time and set out to understand why his clients (including families) and the advisory team acted differently in similar circumstances and made unexpected decisions when they were under pressure. He wanted a way to predict these clients and team behaviors in advance of experiencing them first-hand when the markets suddenly changed or significant life events occurred so that his team could better serve his clients as unique individuals.

What Hugh then realized was that if the advisors were going to be offering these customized experiences and be able to effectively deal with such high stakes client situations, they had to have a high degree of emotional intelligence at a personal level and also be able to work as a cohesive team capitalizing on each other’s strengths and managing their differences. This curiosity led to Hugh developing Business DNA, a behavioral talent management system running off the same platform as Financial DNA.

Today, DNA Behavior operates a comprehensive “all-in-one” platform that is used to measure over 500+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works and lives.

When Financial Services teams start using Financial DNA, the first step is for each of their employees to measure their own unique DNA styles. Financial DNA is built on a scalable technology platform that measures all aspects of an individual’s behavioral style – transformative Business DNA business and work talent reports are available in addition to the financial behavior report shared with investor clients.

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Practice Management Team Performance Objectives

Common team performance objectives resolved with behavioral discovery:

  • Understanding why team members naturally do things differently
  • Hiring the right talent to perform in the team
  • Minimizing team stress
  • Managing team members uniquely and aligning them to a common goal
  • Identifying and unlocking the blockages to efficient execution
  • Building open communication within the team and allowing creative conflict
  • Building higher levels of team engagement leading to longer retention
  • Matching team and customers for improved service and retention

One platform to discover virtually every human habit of your employees and clients: the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

Behavioral Finance Technology

The 6 Pillars of DNA Team Performance

  • Leader Review

    For the Leader to Understand their Natural Leadership Talents to Build a Healthy Team and Identify the Team Issues for Increasing Revenues

  • Team Member Review

    For Each Individual Team Member to Understand their Natural Talents for Performing their Role in the Team

  • Team Meeting

    A Team Meeting to Align the Team for Greater Productivity to Achieve Team Goals

  • Team Relationships

    Each Team Member to Learn How to Adapt their Communication to Engage and Interact With Others in the Team

  • Leader Coaching

    For the Leader to Lead from the Front and Coach, Each Team Member Based on their Unique Talents

  • Team Monitoring

    Quarterly Team Reviews to Monitor Team Performance and Health

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Meet with one of our experts to identify your practice management needs or discuss how we can work with your business, schedule a 15-minute call with us.