Each Person Has Different Motivations for Philanthropy

Financial DNA measures 200+ different behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives. The underlying tendencies Financial DNA measures will be revealed in nearly every aspect of someone’s life. This is no different when it comes to philanthropy. When people want to give, how they go about it, and their motivations are different.

Financial advisors access a network of experts and coaches (we call them Wealth Mentors), through the DNA Coach Network to facilitate Philanthropy discussions on a third-party basis for their clients.

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How Financial DNA Insights Align to Philanthropy Motivations:

The following insights are available in the Financial DNA packages and Financial DNA API. Wealth Mentors use these insights and hundreds of others to facilitate powerful conversations with clients. Certified Wealth Mentors can align your client’s needs and Financial DNA insights to create a giving plan. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

  • Take Charge: Give in order to see a vision fulfilled. May demand that their contributions are used in a manner that will efficiently see their vision come to fruition.
  • Outgoing: Give to causes they are passionate about and inspired by. These causes are typically ones that make a significant social difference.
  • Patient: Give out of compassion for others and will be emotionally moved to contribute to causes that ease suffering. They are loyal people and are likely to remain faithful to causes.
  • Planned: Motivated towards justice and fairness. Has a healthy skepticism and analyzes or researches causes before committing to them.

Outcomes of the DNA Planned Giving Process

Certified Wealth Mentors through the DNA Coach Network can facilitate powerful discussions with investors. These discussions will unlock your client’s motivations and intentions in order to build a giving plan.

Six Reasons Investors Approach Wealth Mentors to Assist in the Planned Giving Process:

  1. Establish the legacy for you and your family
  2. Identify the organizations you give your money to
  3. Determine your level of involvement in the giving process
  4. Improve family bonds and communication
  5. Set strategies for wealth transfer
  6. Move lives from success to significance

Certified Wealth Mentors lead the process of discovering Philanthropy motivations.

Financial DNA Certified Wealth Mentor

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