Financial DNA Natural Behavior

A Behavioral Finance Solution Built by a Financial Advisor for Financial Advisors:

Hugh Massie, our founder, was a financial advisor and set out in 2001 to understand why his clients acted differently and made unexpected decisions when they were under pressure. He wanted a way to predict these client behaviors in advance of experiencing them first-hand when the markets suddenly changed. This desire ultimately drove Hugh to develop the Natural Behavior discovery, which is the foundation of the Financial DNA product line.

Through work with a behavioral research team, Hugh succeeded in creating a system to reliably measure over 500+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

Overall, we are a leader in making behavioral finance research practical through the delivery of actionable financial behavior insights (via our Financial DNA Reporting).

Spend 10-minutes to Save 2-hours:

We continuously improve the platform, to make the process simpler, quicker, and more engaging. Right now, it takes a participant about 10 minutes to complete the process. This ultimately saves each client 2-hours of time. On the other side, advisors reviewing the results typically spend only 3-minutes reviewing the insights which save them an additional 2-hours as well.

The point is, knowing a person’s DNA, speeds up the “getting to know you” period and saves time for everyone.

The New Financial DNA Experience:

Recently, we have reinvented the Financial DNA Investor Experience. With this new experience, clients are led through a unique online Financial DNA discovery process.  In minutes, clients learn the importance of Financial Behavior, how to participate in the discovery process, and receive their results in real-time. Advisors can choose what content to display and can configure what results appear on the results dashboard.

Natural Behavior Now Has A Customizable Investor Experience:

We have built an experience using video, graphics, and an enhanced user interface to make the process more enjoyable and engaging for investors. Use the default settings (recommended) or customize the experience.

The New Financial DNA Investor Experience includes a series of “explainer” videos to ensure understanding, clarity, and actionable insights. Preview our new instruction video:

Financial Behavior Report in iPad, tilted right

Natural Behavior Results Last a Lifetime:

Unlike traditional risk questionnaires, clients do not need to re-take Financial DNA. Learn more.

The Investor and Advisor View of Market Mood

Natural Behavior results are worth sharing:

Financial DNA provides comparison tools, reporting and insights to share results with couples, families, and advice teams.

Financial DNA Comparison Report Displayed in an iPad