Financial DNA for Client Portals

Do you have a Client Portal?

Securely integrate Financial DNA into your firm’s client portal. Add the Financial DNA Investor Experience and Dashboard to your website with this customizable and plug and play integration.

Target Audience:

If you have 10+ financial advisors in your firm or leverage the DNA API, this solution is right for you. This integration is developed for wealth management firms, broker-dealers, custodians, and FinTechs which provide secure client portals for financial advisors to use with their investors.

How It Works:

An IFrame is added to your client portal which calls the Financial DNA Investor Experience, hosted on the DNA servers. A secure connection is created for each investor which receives their results immediately. Additional APIs are available for your firm to store PDF Reports, archive data for compliance, and to access over 500 behavioral finance insights.

A Flexible Integration:

The Financial DNA Client Portal Widget can flex in size to fit the screen space available on your site. Whether you have a small vertical space or want the questionnaire full-screen, the responsive questionnaire can adapt to your needs.

500+ Behavioral Insights

Behavioral Finance Technology
Client Portals Integration
  • Firm-Level Integration

    Financial DNA for Client Portals is a firm-level integration, meaning it provides all of the technology, resources, and tools required to jump-start an entire firm with Behavioral Finance.

  • Risk Appetite + 500 Insights

    Natural Behavior powers Financial DNA for Client Portals. Investors experience an easy to use dashboard, and questionnaire experience while your firm receives 500+ behavioral finance insights on how the investors communicate, invest, work, and live.

  • Secure and Scalable

    The technology has been used by a range of our global clients from the world’s largest banks to independent firms. Access cutting-edge behavioral finance security and scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a trial?

Firm-based demos and trials are available. Schedule a call with a DNA Behavior account representative to review the options for your firm.

What reports does this Client Portal integration provide investors?

The Financial Behavior Report can be provided to investor clients as a configurable option. The reports available to the advisors in the advisor dashboard is based on the package purchased.

What are the subscription requirements for the Client Portal Integration?

Financial DNA has two flexible subscription options for your firm to choose from. Pay based on the number of investor clients or the number of advisors.

  • Advisor-based model (Recommended to start):
    Ideal if you wish to leverage the Financial DNA Platform for your advisors to review results.
    Each advisor will receive access to the Financial DNA Platform and their names will appear on the client’s reports. A minimum of 10 advisor licenses and a minimum package of Financial DNA Intro Package is required to access the Financial DNA for Client Portal integration.
  • Investor-based model:
    Ideal if you manage an advisor-facing CRM or technology tool for advisors to view and access investor data.
    Link your Client Portal Integration to the DNA API. Access the DNA API to leverage 500+ behavioral finance insights for each investor client. Advisors will not get access to the Financial DNA Platform.

How do advisors get trained?

Financial DNA Certified Trainers can host a web-based onboarding session for your team of advisors and administrators. Your staff will experience modern behavioral finance practices and can participate in mock client role-plays to gain comfort with Financial DNA and the DNA insights.

Do we need a technical resource to maintain the technology after the integration?

No, this integration is maintenance free for your staff.

DNA Behavior maintains the connections, UI, and questionnaire experience. As there are updates that will be introduced to your account, you will be notified.

What if I don’t have a tech team?

Typically, the same team that maintains your client portal can install the Financial DNA integration. If you do not have a dedicated team to manage your client portal, Financial DNA can install this integration for you. Contact us to learn more.