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About this Integration:

This integration with Schwab Advisor Services™ allows mutual advisor-clients to directly access the Schwab Advisor Center® from the Financial DNA platform. This is a single-sign-on integration allowing advisor users to seamlessly access the Charles Schwab Advisor Center from any of the Financial DNA packages.

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This integration is designed to solve a problem currently existing for advisors. Advisors are interested in Behavioral Finance, view it as the future, but are unsure of how to integrate it with their existing processes and technology. Financial DNA is committed to creating deep integrations to unlock the power of Financial DNA within firm’s existing tech ecosystems.

“Schwab understands the value of behavioral finance research, and we see them as a leading custodial partner in this emerging space,” says Hugh Massie, Chairman & CEO of DNA Behavior. “We are excited to complete this integration as it will help advisors access practical, easy behavioral finance technology directly within the Schwab Advisor Center ecosystem.”

Schwab’s Behavioral Finance Research:

  • According to the “The Evolving Role of Behavioral Finance in 2020” by Cerulli, Charles Schwab Investment Management, and the Investments & Wealth Institute, the most frequently cited challenge with behavioral finance is difficulty implementing the fundamentals into existing practices.
  • In the Charles Schwab Investment Management research paper, “BeFi Barometer 2019,” produced alongside Cerulli Associates, Inc. and the Investments & Wealth Institute, 58% of advisors say they want to incorporate behavioral finance into their practices.

Financial DNA Integration with Charles Schwab Advisor Center

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