Goals Discovery

Goals Discovery – A Growing Trend:

Times continue to change for financial advisors. Investor fears, lack of confidence and market
uncertainty is provoking clients to demand better, more personalized advice from their advisors.
Financial advisors who have moved to a behaviorally driven goals-based planning process will be the

Help Clients Set & Achieve Goals with Behavioral Finance:

We believe that the future of financial advice will be a collaborative and interactive goal discovery experience. Since each of us is unique, all of our approaches to plan and communicate goals is very different, that is why we use behavior in the goals discovery process.

Financial advisors use the Financial DNA Goals Discovery to:

  • Identify misaligned goals with couples and families
  • Deepen goals discussions
  • Drive deep thing on needs and wants
  • Clearly clarify which goals are short vs long term

About the Process:

The Financial DNA Goals Discovery is a step-by-step approach to help clients review and set goals based on their personality traits, risk profile, and behavioral biases. This process allows clients to participate in the financial planning process by independently identifying their own goals, and then set them by evaluating the time-horizon. The process covers all areas of a client’s life, from health to wealth, to provide a balanced analysis of all important life goals.

Client Experience:

The Goals Discovery is a web-based tool that can be added to your website or sent via email to the client. To ensure everyone’s goals and views are heard, it is imperative that each person completes the process (yes, even in the case of couples/families…). Clients spend approximately 10-minutes on an experiential review of possible goals in 6 categories. Next, each goal is designated as either a Need or “Want,” and then either “Short-Term” or “Long-Term.”

Goal Categories:

  1. Career & Business
  2. Relationships
  3. Health
  4. Recreation
  5. Community
  6. Financial

Using this tool inside your firm:

The objective of this tool is to increase the suitability of advice firm-wide, elevate discussions with clients, and to ensure that each family member is heard. The outcomes of this discovery process are powerful insights for both the individual client and their family as a whole and a value-added engagement tool for your firm. Learn more.

Financial DNA Goals Based Plan
Goals Based Planning

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