Financial DNA API

What is the Financial DNA API?

The Financial DNA API is a component of the overall DNA API suite. It leverages the technology behind Natural Behavior to reliably measure 500+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit. Add a human element to your data with details on the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

Every person’s DNA  is unique. Access all of the powerful insights of Financial DNA through an open API to deliver customized experiences in your app, platform, or business.

  • Advisor Client Matching
    Every person’s DNA  is unique. Leverage DNA algorithms to find the best staff member to service your clients, create lasting connections and boost engagement.
  • Spending Patterns
    Leverage DNA insights to have a conversation about spending before it derails the financial plan.
  • Risk Analysis
    Measure client’s risk-taking propensity and risk tolerance with Financial DNA’s independently validated, risk measurement.
  • Goals Discovery
    Measure levels of ambition that investors have to set high goals and how they will go about pursuing them.
  • Behavioral Biases
    Financial DNA measures each of the sixteen behavioral biases for each investor and benchmarks them against all other investors.
  • Market Mood
    Financial advisors & firms use Market Mood to stop investors from making poor choices. Measure the real-time market fear or exuberance for every client based on their portfolio, or the markets.

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The Investor and Advisor View of Market Mood
Advisor Client Matching_Using Financial DNA

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The Financial DNA API is a component of the overall product suite called The DNA API. Visit the official DNA API page to learn more: