Financial DNA Couple’s Behavioral Insights

45-minute complimentary webinar. This webinar is scheduled on July 10 at 11 AM ET.

Couples require a financial plan that encompasses their shared goals and objectives, but how you communicate that plan to each unique individual will be different.

As one spouse invariably becomes the “lead”, all communication from you and your team naturally becomes tailored to that style. The risk is that the other spouse becomes disengaged, which creates a breakdown in communication and unconsciously sabotages the trusting relationship you so carefully built over the years.

Join us to learn the behavioral insights to:

  • Engage each partner on his or her own unique terms to build a trusting relationship.
  • Understand how to lead meetings by successfully navigating the couple’s differences.
  • Create customized commitments to both their financial plan and to your firm..
Navigating Financial Personality Risks