Advisor Client Matching

Just like the adage, “birds of a feather flock together”, or people of the same traits will connect more easily, advisors are better suited working with clients who are similar to themselves. That’s why firms around the world leverage Financial DNA insights to power advisor client matching.

When advisors are matched with the right clients, they are 60% more likely to be a successful pair.

How Advisor Client Matching Works:

For years, advice firms have used Financial DNA to help advisors find and keep clients. Firms leverage out-of-the-box Financial DNA reports included in our subscription packages or the algorithms in the DNA API to find the best staff member to service their clients to create lasting connections and boost engagement.

Advisor Client Matching_Using Financial DNA

Advisor Client Compatibility:

Financial DNA provides practical insights for individuals to understand which clients they have big behavioral differences with, and hence require more behavioral modification.

Adapting your behavior to relate to another person requires concentrating more on your level of self-awareness when you are with that person. For instance, if an introvert advisor is working with a highly extroverted client, this can be draining as more modification or “flexing” as we often call it, is required.

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Advisor Client Compatibility Shown on iPad