Independent research shows the Financial DNA behaviorally intelligent wealth management mentoring solutions lead to:

arrow-bulletPreventing 60% of the engagement black hole in advisor and client interactions

arrow-bulletOver 23% revenue growth from increased referrals, retention, and share of wallet

arrow-bullet150 bps points of client value from behavioral coaching and wealth mentoring

arrow-bulletIncreasing the suitability of client solutions offered to 99.75%

What is the Financial DNA FinTech platform?

The World’s Only All-In-One Behavioral Finance System To Know, Engage, And Grow Every Wealth Mentor, Advisor, And Client Using All Dimensions Of A Person’s Financial Personality

Start with a 10-minute, 46-question commitment which reliably reveals the core of a person’s financial personality.
Relaxed client meeting

How does it work?

1. A 10-minute time commitment

Identify the core of a person’s financial personality in 1 simple, web-based questionnaire.

2. Immediate results

Financial DNA’s behavioral finance reporting provides a client’s communication style, behavioral biases, and risk profile to help offer more suitable solutions.

3. Identify the best client fit

Advisors engage only 40% of clients. Behavioral finance insights help close the “Relationship Gap” with the remaining 60% by identifying the best opportunities for improved communication.

4. Training and support every step of the way

In guiding our vision, all Financial DNA Subscription Packages include help to onboard, support, and train advisors.

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Financial DNA helps advisors use independently validated behavioral data to transform their role to the Wealth Mentor by:

  1. Putting their clients at the center of the financial planning process.
  2. Matching their advisory teams, clients, goals and solutions.
  3. Using customized communication at all stages of the client lifecycle.
  4. Building tailored portfolios.
  5. Behaviorally managing client emotions.
  6. Enhancing compliance and reducing complaints.

We’ve made financial personality a reality in 123 countries by solving communication, goal-setting and investing challenges.

What Behaviorally Smart Advisors Are Saying About Financial DNA

Testimonial from David Hughes

“DNA Behavior’s tools helped us close a $350k engagement by using the Communication DNA suggested guidance with a prospect.”

– David Hughes, Managing Partner Peachtree Financial Group

Testimonial from David Hughes
Testimonial from Thanes Stenner

“Financial DNA truly identifies the behavioral issues that get in the way of functional family relationships and in a very practical way builds a bridge to protect the wealth and harmony of the family.”

– Thane Stenner, Director, StennerZohny Investment Partners+

Testimonial from Thanes Stenner
Testimonial from Frank Danielson

“Since integrating Financial DNA, our client meetings have become more productive as we fine tune each meeting to the client’s communication preferences.”

– Frank Danielson, Senior Financial Planner, Danielson Group Wealth Management Assante, Vancouver, Canada

Testimonial from Frank Danielson
Testimonial from Deena Katz

“Financial DNA provides a powerful framework to help advisors build a deep relationship with their clients.”

– Deena Katz, Associate Professor at Texas Tech University

Testimonial from Deena Katz

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